Senior .net developer, Zuid-Holland, 55k

The company

The company has a knowledge-intensive culture in which technical expertise and a relaxed working atmosphere form the essence.

They are a content and marketing technology company in every respect, where a great deal of attention is paid to developing expertises and general knowledge such as leadership and social skills.

To concentrate the company strengths, they work with centers of expertise entirely managed by specialists. This makes it easy for specialists to assist each other during projects and training courses. The company also organizes informal workshops and training sessions in which the staff can learn from each other’s experiences while enjoying a pizza and a soft drink or a pint of beer.

The culture is open, because it is a relatively flat organization, its employees are always able to find each other. The atmosphere is open and informal. To strengthen the feeling, all sorts of non work-related activities are organized in which people can participate voluntarily.

Besides the head office in The Netherlands, they also have a local presence in three other countries.

Together, the specialists are building a company in which they really enjoy working and which offers them sufficient scope for optimal self-development.

The specialists have frequent contact with both software suppliers of commercial and open source applications and customers which develop packages further themselves. Their strong need for self-development is encouraged by various means such as in-house or external training, forums, study trips, and frequent contact with developers and architects of our software partners.

Experience acquired during different projects and with different customers is shared efficiently with the right people among the software supplier’s developers. The specialists from the competence centers meet once a month.

The opportunity

You will become responsible for developing .NET applications for clients. You will design, develop and test software projects which are custom built for clients that mainly operate in the Top 500 in and outside of the Benelux. Your goal is to develop a systematic and logical concept within the stated conditions, while bearing in mind that practicality and ease of use for the end user is essential. In addition, you must be able to create the connections needed to read, interpret, modify and implement the UML diagrams from applications with relational databases (SQL, Oracle, etc.).


Are a good discussion partner for the customer and your colleagues and also enjoy working in a team. Take an active approach to achieving your objectives, both within projects and in developing your expertise. Possess a strong analytical capacity and know how to translate abstract ideas into concrete, practical solutions to which you take a creative approach. During the projects people can call on your expertise and skills to work in different roles to oversee the challenging and varied processes and bring them to a successful conclusion, during which you contribute your positive critical vision in a proactive way.

Have a higher vocational / graduate level of working and thinking. Have demonstrable experience with Visual Studio, .NET, C#, SQL Server and preferably also ASP .NET, Visual Basic .NET, HTML, CSS and/or Javascript. Have an affinity with software development methods like UML, Extreme Programming, IAD, RAD and Scrum. Hold a class B driving licence.

You get

An informal, no-nonsense company with a strong company culture. They are growing fast and they are ambitious. So there is plenty to do at the moment. Your future colleagues are the talents in their field and know that you can only grow if you know how to share. A pleasant working atmosphere, work hard together to be of service to customers. Quality and integrity, both internally and externally, are paramount. Very challenging assignments with diverse and interesting national and international organizations. Intensive investment in knowledge. Finally, excellent conditions of employment which includes good payment, attention for work-life balance and the possibility to work from home.

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